Implementation of

30% reduction in customer losses, control system, process automation
Managers remember
about each client
The owner controls
everything online
Business runs
like clockwork
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Problems that
8 of 10 companies will never solve
It is not clear how much my business generates profit
c-1-static c-1-hover
Some clients is sent to the spam and managers forget about them
c-2-static c-2-hover
A lot of paperwork, programs: excel, 1c, storage, telephony
c-3-static c-3-hover
No clear step work with the client
c-4-static c-4-hover
It is unclear how much sales the manager made
c-5-static c-5-hover
It is unclear where the calls and requests come from
c-6-static c-6-hover
Without constant monitoring of the head indicators deteriorated
c-7-static c-7-hover
Managers steal customer base
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The head 80% of the time does a routine
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Uncontrolled dozens of ways to communicate
We know how to get rid
of these problems
Because we have already done this for hundreds of companies
with a staff Of 3 to 160 employees
Yuriy Ilchenko
Project manager
Integration expert
Ivan Burmakin
Business process specialist
Expert on building business processes
Alexander Sudro
Specialist in analytics
Specialist in building analytical models
Ivan Goncharov
Expert in building and automating sales departments
Elena Suslova
Expert in IT project management and complex product development
Semen Shumeyko
Expert in implementation of business intelligence
Daniel Isaev
Project manager
Integration expert
Gleb Abramenko
Business process specialist
Expert on building business processes
The tasks that we
Case: Hrscanner


Translate the sales Department self-written CRM to amoCRM, to transfer operational information in amoCRM.

What we did

1. We analyzed the existing business processes of the customer, described in detail the sales funnel and the support funnel, painted each stage of interaction between managers and customers.
2. Integrated CRM with the site - all applications fall on the site and are automatically distributed among managers.
3. Integrated amo with telephony, you can listen to any conversation with the client.
4. Set up additional widgets: automatic setting of tasks for managers, the presence of mandatory fields to fill in the transaction card.
5. Set up automatic sending of emails and messages to customers depending on the stage of the sales funnel, as well as sending trigger emails.


The processing speed of incoming applications is increased by 3 times. Managers do not lose customer information. The number of overdue tasks and errors tends to zero. With the help of customized scripts managers quickly close the objections of buyers, the number of closed transactions is growing.

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to Supplement the automatic filling of the data on counterparties of the firm in the process of making them was in the program. Set up an automatic generation of the company name from several sources. Develop a function of returning transactions from the sales funnel to the telemarketing funnel (telephone sales).

What we did

1. For 10 days we have developed a widget to automatically fill in the details of contractors when creating transaction cards.
2. Configured automatic generation of names when entering information in CRM.
3. For 4 days we have developed a mechanism for returning transactions from one funnel to another.


Time savings for managers completing the complex details of the customers. Automatic generation of the name of the client company, allowing you to enter information in amoCRM without errors. Unrealized transactions are not forgotten, and sent for revision to the Marketing Department. As a result, the company does not lose even the most "cold" customers.



Adjust the work of amoCRM - re-configure the sales funnel, expand the functionality of the system with additional widgets, integrate the system with various communication channels (in contact, Facebook, chatbots).

What we did

1. From scratch, described all the business processes of the Sales Department.
2. We set up the basic functionality and integrated CRM with the site, IP-telephony onlinepbx, automatic dialing service, social networks.
3. We have implemented a widget for automatic distribution of applications between managers + widget for automatic task setting.
4. Set the send trigger emails and triggered messages to customers.
5. Set up hidden and drop-down fields in the deal card.
6. We developed a script to automatically set the task to call the client.
7. Developed a block of call Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of managers.


The Manager can easily track the effectiveness of each employee of the company. Due to the configured regular mailing, loyalty and activity of regular customers of the company are growing. Despite a large number of traffic sources, no application is lost, everything is fixed in CRM. Fast tracking of overdue tasks and their redistribution allows to process transactions in time and not to lose interaction with clients.

The numbers speak for us
The data was prepared by our specialists in the Analytics Department
our clients increased theirs
financial indicators at least 15%
clients as of January 2019
Development and widgets were created for the specifics of customers
Feedback from our customers
Tired of losing clients
and be uncertain?
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Clearly show and tell about the complex product

Basic amoCRM setup
7 days 4 main modules
Collection of applications from the site
All application forms of the website fall in amoCRM, you automatically create a transaction and the challenges managers to process customer
Connect the website to CRM
Mail connection
Correspondence with the client is maintained and stored within amoCRM in one transaction card, letters are created using the specified templates, which saves time for managers
Connect mail to CRM
Calls with customers are recorded in amoCRM. You can always listen to them. A set of numbers occurs in 1 click. Incoming calls are distributed to managers
Connect the ip-telephony
Training on CRM
We train managers and employees to adapt and work with amoCRM, provide videos of step-by-step work in CRM for "new" employees
Obtain training on crm

Get a personal quotation for your business

In addition to the standard widgets from amoCRM, we have more than 100 of our own developments, about which our Manager will tell you

Create analytical modules for your needs
  • Manager productivity
  • Productivity dashboards for managers
    by Department (KPI)
  • Analytics on the
    advertising channels
  • Financial
implementation expert
business intelligence
The stages of implementing a crm system
of amoCRM features
Collection and description
of business processes
Basic implementation
of amoCRM
of the required functionality
Training of managers
and staff
Business intelligence
Technical support
What you will get after
the implementation and completion of amoCRM?
Financial accounting
(DDS + balance + P & L)
Warehouse account
Control of tasks
and transactions by clients
Business processes
in one window
and analytics
Document circulation
of routine actions
Remote control
from your business and increase sales
  • Business processes
    in one window
  • Understanding the current
    state in numbers
  • The increase of clients by 2 times,
    with the same number of managers
  • The reduction of the advertising budget
    due to the introduction of dashboards for ROI, ROMI
  • Employee control system
    and efficiency
  • Knowing how many customers are at what stage of sales,
    where they came from and their objections
We believe in the professionalism and benefits of working with us
WE are in the TOP 10
partners amoCRM
Our company is an official certified partner of amoCRM
Detailed approach
collect and describe business processes
More than 100 of their own development
Automatic generation of contracts, invoices, acts in the format .doc .xlsx .pdf
Automatically fill in the company details when you enter the INN
Fill color deals and tasks based on the type of priority customers
Sending SMS using templates from the deal card
Sending emails with attachments and create templates with autocomplete in task Manager when they open the letter
Calculator for calculating the cost of services for printing
Expert in the management
of IT projects
  • Implementation and development are not cheap...

    We had a client who annually earned 16 million rubles of profit, but could not track where he eventually spent 6 million. And one reason – the lack of cost control system

  • Now a little deal with the Affairs and turn

    Statistics show that routine processes take more than half of the working time of the management and the probability to release at least a minute is extremely small if you do not have CRM

  • Managers refuse to work in CRM

    Proper training and professional widgets that facilitate the work of managers, guaranteed to remove this problem

  • We already have a lot of programs, all do not have time to lead

    With amoCRM, you don't need any third-party services. We integrate telephony, 1C, warehouse, social networks-all in one system, you will need to work in one window.

  • I will choose another CRM

    Of course, free solutions can be cost-effective, but they always have only partial functionality, so in most cases, it is the same manual work, and it is not always convenient to adapt to the business processes of Your company.

Expert in building
sales department
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